Lady Gaga Debuts Joe Calderone in Vogue

Lady Gaga introduced a new male model on the map. He’s quiet, debonair, and his dark hair is coiffed. Joe Calderone makes his debut appearance in Vogue Hommes Japan, showing off designer suits in a smokey setting.

Wait, Joe looks a lot like…. Lady Gaga? 

The singer, who seems to have an endless number of tricks up her sleeves when it comes to her wardrobe, was photographed in suits, button-up shirts with darkened short hair, posing as what seems to be her male alias, Joe Calderone. She’s never worn so much fabric before in her life. 

Without the feathers, bright colours and machine-gun lingerie, Gaga is pretty much unrecognizable. Taken by fashion photographer, Nick Knight, the editorial is set to be published in the September issue of men’s fashion magazine, Vogue Hommes Japan. 

Many are speculating that the unusual photoshoot was Gaga’s satirical way of addressing rumors that she is a hermaphrodite. But I think this editorial is just Gaga being Gaga; bending the rules (and gender norms!), and being outrageously unusual.

Do you think Lady Gaga makes a convincing man?


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