Katherine Heigl Returns to Grey’s

After a long (and slightly controversial) hiatus, actress Katherine Heigl is set to return to Grey’s Anatomy for its drama-ridden January 21st episode, I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked.  (For the record, I hope the writers are referring to the Ida Maria song and not resorting to shock value.)

The episode is said to deal with the issues between newlyweds Izzie and Alex (clearly I’m not an avid watcher since I had no idea the two were married) while Derek confronts Richard about his drinking problem.  (Again, what?!)

Basically, for loyal viewers, Heigl’s return will come as a highly-anticipated television event (since the last time I checked, she was still a beloved character), while the rest of us will continue to roll our eyes and wonder when she’ll delve into her next disrespectful tangent.  (Remember the Letterman appearance?  The magazine interview in which she slammed the Apatow franchise that made her famous in the first place?  Yikes.)

Regardless, the return of Dr. Izzie Stevens (or is it Karev?) will undoubtedly lead to a heated debate between Grey’s fans and non-fans alike: is Heigl here to stay or will she eventually choose the path of T.R. Knight (minus the adorability)?  And more importantly, does anyone really care? 

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