Janice Dickinson’s Harsh Words

Janice Dickinson’s no stranger to speaking her mind, so it’s no surprise that she has some harsh words for Tyra Banks and Anna Wintour – particularly when it comes to Vogue‘s healthy eating initiative.

“Please, look at Anna Wintour,” said Janice Dickinson. “She’s thinner than thin. This new rule, I just don’t buy it.”

The new rule she’s referring to is about abiding by a certain “healthy” body type in order to model – or something. Anna Wintour was just one out of the many editors and fashion elite who vowed to promote a healthy body image in the fashion industry, thus working to obliterate the stick-thin shapes that’s become the norm.

As for Tyra Branks? Well considering Janice Dickinson is no longer part of the America’s Next Top Model roster, none of us should be surprised that she had something to say about the show’s recent firings.

“Tyra has followed everybody,” she said. “She’ll keep firing people, she’s soulless, she’s heartless and she’s cold.”

Whether Tyra Banks or Anna Wintour eventually weigh in on Janice Dickinson’s opinions remain to be seen, but I think we’re all willing to bet she’ll have something new to say regardless.

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