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So just in case we wanted to reminisce about the late 2000’s, Donald Trump has officially (re)declared war with Rosie O’Donnell, making more ever-mature remarks about the talk show host and her soon-to-premiere series.

Stating that she’s a loser (high school retorts for the win) and that because her other shows didn’t do well, this one won’t do well, The Donald managed to out-class top himself by saying that everything she touches is a failure. She’s a failure. (Um, seriously? Because I was under the impression that unprovoked verbal wars were still reserved for high school.)

The thing is, this would be shocking had this grudge seemed surprising “ but not only is this feud years old, it’s completely irrelevant. I mean, seriously “ who cares? (Aside from me right now, because currently I choose to comment on it.) Not only has Donald’s star continued to fall since the third season of The Apprentice (unless I’m completely in the dark, and it’s actually still a popular show), but who goes out of their way to pick on Rose? It’s not the mid-90’s, she’s not hosting The View and she’s barely been on the radar since the announcement of her series in the first place.


Now how long before she releases a rebuttal that lengthens our stay in 2008?

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