It’s Time to Go Clothes Shopping!

Forget everything you’ve heard about budgeting this January: a new study has revealed that this month is the best time to buy clothes.

According to Refinery 29 (and more specifically, Lifehacker), January is “the best time to get your hands on leftover stock from the holiday rush.” Jackets, coats, boots, and various other “winter” necessities are still available, and while you may have to search for your size, you’ll reportedly walk away with a discount.

But that’s not all. While January – March are also prime wedding supply-buying months (as well as the cheapest time to get married), video games, furniture, and gift cards are also must-buys over the next 20-ish days, as per Lifehacker’s findings. Refinery 29 has actually included a chart which lists which months to buy what in, so you actually never have to over-spend again.

So maybe this does stay in-step with your January budget after all. (But either way, if you find a size medium in anything cool, please send it to me.)

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