The Hills – End of an Era

The next time you hear, what a long, strange trip it’s been, you can assume it’s pertaining to The Hills and the legacy that’s been permanently embedded within pop culture.  Today marks the end of the reality series and the drama associated with it, so we figured there’s no better time to reminisce accordingly.  Here’s what we’ll miss most about MTV’s The Hills:

1. Spencer Pratt

He’s abrasive, ignorant, disturbed, frightening and likely clinically insane.  But without his ca-razy antics, those moments of justifying your own behaviour by comparing it to his no longer applies.  (Translation?  Well, at least I’m not Spencer Pratt is no longer a relevant response after eating an entire bag of cookies.)

2. LA Etiquette

Society loves escapism, and there’s no way to escape the daily grind like watching a gaggle of girls head to their favourite club only to engage in an LA-equivalent street brawl.  Would we ever act like that?  No.  But that doesn’t mean watching others confront their enemies for fictional reasons is any less entertaining.

3. Kristin Keep It Real Cavallari

While Lauren’s demeanour was sweet, Kristin took an honest approach to reality television by confirming its lack of actual reality and using the words script and plot when describing its goings on.  We may have already known the truth, but Kristin’s whatever “ I do what I want persona was a welcome reprieve from the mundane-ness of previous seasons.

4. Sensationalism

By the end of first season, The Hills was already a guilty pleasure for everyone involved, but by the beginning of its last hurrah, it went from being the sequel to Laguna Beach to the equivalent of tabloids on TV.  We may have rolled our eyes at nearly every sentence uttered, but that didn’t stop us from ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the scandal that unfolded every week.  (After all, they may be fictional, but at least none of us need to give surgery hugs.)

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