Heidi Montag – “My Boobs are Crushing Me.”

Heidi Montag is finally starting to understand what the rest of the world was trying to tell her after her latest surgery of 10 cosmetic procedures. The former The Hills star went on the record to say that her large-sized chest is cause for a boat-load of heartache in her life. 

“I can’t live an everyday life,” she said, telling Heat Magazine that she can’t even hug her dogs anymore. Apparently the 23-year-old even has a hard time working out because of the size of her chest and needs to wear two sports bras just to go running. She also says she misses being able to wear cute tops. She is so frustrated with her GG-cup boobs that she is considering getting a reduction back down to a D-cup. 

And it’s not just her boob job that seems to be the problem. Apparently her new nose isn’t quite what she thought it would be. Heidi told Life & Style Magazine that she has been wearing her nose tape everyday since November 2009 and she is afraid that it is going to “fall off.” She said her new lifestyle makes her feel like a “porcelain doll,” and she wasn’t prepared for how all these surgeries could affect other areas of her life. 

The funny part is, this is what the entire world was trying to tell her when she went under the knife. 

I’m very curious to see what Heidi is going to look like in a few years from now. Will she try to rectify the problem, and possible make it worse? Perez Hilton is guessing that she’s going to go back to looking like Heidi we all knew and loved in the first season on The Hills by 2012. How do you think Heidi will change her look in the next two years? 

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