Gisele Bundchen is Gorgeous

We all know beauty is subjective, and in the spirit of such subjectivity, LOVE magazine has named eight different ladies as cover girls for their upcoming Gorgeous issue.  Gisele Bundchen, Kelly Brook, Agyness Deyn, Lauren Hutton, Alessandra Ambroiso, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Barbie are slated to get their own cover, with each getting a title that goes along with their public persona.  (For example, Aggy is the rebel “ which isn’t surprising.)

In a recent interview, LOVE editor Katie Grand explained the choices: To my mind each of these women are perfect.  I’d happily wake up with any of them (or failing that, Miuccia Prada, but that’s another story “ and maybe another cover).  Fair enough.

What’s also interesting is that in addition to their corresponding titles, each cover girl is styled in various feminine archetypes that go along with what the magazine perceives as beauty.  (Meaning?  Gisele is Mrs. Robinson while Rosie is Jessica Rabbit.  And frankly, anything pop culture-related automatically makes everything better.)

Not only that, but it’s refreshing to see a magazine feature various women that aren’t conventionally beautiful.  (Well, nobody will refute that they’re gorgeous “but they’re not Sears models.  They’re actually interesting.)

Now the only question left:  Barbie?  Really?

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