Fall’s DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) Fashion Trends

With Labour Day quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning your fall looks back into circulation.  But with the influx of new trends (yay for camel coats and minimalism!), there are a few things from last season that you can bid adieu to.


Piggybacking on the less is more approach to fashion, the days of over-accessorizing have moved behind us.  Since statement pieces and minimalist looks are already in fashion rotation, to don dozens of bangles will not only take away from the aesthetic you’re creating, but they’ll make you seem over-accessorized and a little too committed to retro-chic.  Sure, Madonna and her daughter may be designing an 80s-inspired line, but for everyday wear, it’s best to limit the novelty pieces and allow only one trend to shine.


A look popularized throughout the mid-to-late 2000s, draping is also referred to as gathering and cinching, and while it creates a flattering look if worn properly, with this year’s trends gravitating towards the well-tailored, there doesn’t seem to be a place for the token goddess look.  As harder 90s-inspired looks continue to dominate storefronts and catalogues, anything less than attention-grabbing should either be paired with something edgy or left for another season.


There may be dresses that are the exception to this DNR rule, but when it comes to shirts, tanks or anything in-between, it’s time to adopt the two-shoulder look and leave the alternative by the wayside.  Sure, the 90s may be back in full swing, but while a structured one-shoulder gown may be considered elegant and refined, a tank top attempting to the mimic the look will simply come off as dated and less than amazing “ both of which you are not.

Ballet Flats

A controversial point to say the least, it’s important to maintain that there’s a difference between flats and those of the ballet persuasion.  And with moccasins, oxfords and ankle boots on the must have list for fall, the slipper-esque look of last year and the season before has fallen out of grace.  They may be comfortable, cute and an easy solution to a t-shirt and jeans, but with so many statement shoes (that are wearable and foot-friendly) on the catwalk, to take page out of the book of Amy Winehouse is to do a disservice “ especially as nothing compliments a vintage print dress like a pair of English-inspired penny loafers.

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