Fashion It-Girl Alexa Chung Gets New TV Show

What better time than a recession to launch a show about budget-conscious fashion finds? Thrift in America will take the summer TV schedule by storm when it airs on PBS next year. Thrift shoppers unite as fashion’s latest it girl Alexa Chung will be hosting a recession-proof reality show. Targeting all those penny-pinching ladies who are fashionistas at heart, the show will prove that fashion and dollar signs are a thing of the past. Alexa Chung is renowned for her quirky style and fashion influence. She’s become the Kate Moss for this new generation, Jane Keltner de Valle fashion news director for Teen Vogue told the New York Times.

After her MTV reality show It’s On With Alexa Chung was canned after only two seasons, Thrift in America is her second chance at proving herself to us North American folks. The model is on every fashion mag in the UK and is seen by everyone but her famous-ness across on this side of the pond hasn’t hit the roof just yet. Thrift America just might be Alexa’s stepping stone to her western success”we’ll just have to wait and see.

The show will follow Alexa on various shopping trips around the States. Stops to be included are New York, Nashville, Orlando and Alabama in search of fabulous finds. Her shopping journeys will take her to flea markets, garage sales, consignment shops and the most unlikely places in search of great finds. Since the model is known for mixing the highs and lows of fashion she is a great role model for looking great without breaking the bank.

In this economy fashion advice that saves money is never unwanted”especially if a trendy top model wants to give it to us. This show will be perfect for any type of shopper and even if you’re not the second hand store kind of gal you’ll learn valuable tips on unique ways to find great pieces.

Alexa is definitely an up and comer to look out for and if she’s giving out valuable fashion advice what’s not to love. Are you a fashionista who loves flipping through the racks of the nearest thrift store?

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