Jennifer Lopez Talks Love on “Katie” Today

Katie Couric’s talk show, “Katie,” premiered this week, and today she’s got Jennifer Lopez on to talk about her love life, and, well, everything it entails.

J Lo will open up about the relationship she has with her 25-year-old boyfriend and choreographer, Casper Smart (who’s 18 years her junior), and who she says is someone “she wasn’t looking for at all” — which just always seems the way, right?

She’ll also be talking about her ex, Marc Anthony, who she divorced last year and who she shares custody of her kids with. Here’s a glimpse into what she has to say:

“We’re kind of proud of how we’ve kind of handled this,” J Lo tells Katie. “It was a really tough decision to make. And in your heart, you know it’s always going to affect you. You know you never want to break up a family. That wasn’t my dream. My dream was for us to always be together, but things don’t work out, and you feel like it’s a better choice.”

“We’re doing good,” she continues. “We love our kids and we have love for each other and we always will. We’re friends. We were friends before and we’re friends now.”

You can catch “Katie” at 4 p.m. on CityTV if you live in Canada.

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