Facebook Testing a “Stalker Button”

Facebook doesn’t seem to think that we do enough creeping and stalking on Facebook, so to make our lives a little easier, and a little creepier, they have enabled a new stalker button. What does this mean? It means if you have a family member, loved one, best friend, ex-boyfriend or frenemy, you can watch their every movement on Facebook.

Basically, the stalker button enables you to subscribe to any user you want. Once you subscribe you will get a new Facebook notification, in your notification bar at the top of your screen, any time that person does anything on it. Anytime they post a picture, make a new status, or write on someone’s wall you can see it. You can even get this feature to your phone so you literally have up-to-the-second updates on that person’s every movement.

The stalker button could be useful if you want to follow a sister who is going to have a baby within the next week, but for most other scenarios the stalker button is just creepy. Who knows what jealous girlfriends, malicious frenemies, overprotective parents or nosy bosses could do with this button¦

Facebook is only in the testing phase so far, with only a few people who have access to the stalker button. But if this button is approved and made facebook-wide, get your stalking skills out because things are about to get creepy.

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