End of a Fast Life

Sad news came out of Los Angeles yesterday when it was announced that troubled Hollywood heiress and socialite, Casey Johnson, was found dead in her LA apartment.

Though the cause of death remains unknown, the 30-year-old was a diagnosed diabetic and had a history of drug use that often made headlines in addition to her controversial antics.  In December, the fiancé©e of infamous reality TV star, Tila Tequila, had flown to New York in hopes to reclaim her adopted daughter since her mother had taken custody of the two-year-old after fearing for the child’s safety.  (Allegedly, Johnson had a history of irresponsibility and questionable living conditions.)

Although Johnson was notorious for her hard partying and erratic behaviour, tragedy can never be justified and regardless of her antics, her passing should be acknowledged and mourned.

Perhaps the trend of untimely deaths in young Hollywood will serve as a reminder to observers that invincibility is fleeting, and risks “ though important “ should be taken with thought.  While the cause of death is still being determined, the loss of Casey Johnson may be a wakeup call to those in Los Angeles (or elsewhere) who define themselves by life in the fast lane.  (After all, not everyone can be as fortunate as Ronnie Wood or Keith Richards.)

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