Cameron Diaz is the Most Dangerous Celeb Online

Kicking butt in Charlie’s Angels made Cameron Diaz an onscreen woman to be reckoned with, but she’s now officially dangerous offscreen as well “ as a search term at least.

Diaz was rated the most dangerous celebrity to search for online by the computer security company McAfee, Inc. Julia Roberts and Jessica Biel (last year’s most dangerous celeb) are second and third on the list.

Anyone searching for the bubbly blonde has a 10 per cent chance of landing on a malicious website, according to the McAfee Most Dangerous Celebritiesâ„¢ study. These harmful websites could infect you with spyware or even steal personal information from your computer.

This year, the search results for celebrities are safer than they’ve been in previous years, but there are still dangers when searching online,” said Dave Marcus, security researcher for McAfee Labs.

And don’t count on a beach Cam screensaver either: when Cameron Diaz and screensavers was searched, 19 per cent of websites contained malicious downloads.

Cybercriminals use names of in-demand celebs to lure web surfers to sites containing malicious software or downloads. Since Diaz has been in the spotlight this summer for flicks like Knight and Day and Shrek: Forever After, her name’s a prime search term for piggybacking harmful software.

Other risky babes on the list include Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum and Adriana Lima. Looks like your best bet when searching for celeb goss is to steer clear of the angels: Charlie’s, Victoria’s Secret or otherwise.


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