The Bachelor Canada, Season 2, Episode 2 Recap: Case of the Crybaby

It’s week two and there are 15 girls left—at least half of whom are bat-shit crazy. After last week’s two-hour premiere that took us all straight to crazytown, we’re ready to wean out the coocoo girls and see what normal ladies Tim really goes for—but not, of course, before some real catfights.

The episode starts off with a bang, presenting the first date card, inviting Crybaby Kaylynn to go on the first solo date, prompting some jealous stares and eye-rolling from the other ladies. Tim’s reasoning? “She intrigues me and I want to see if there’s more there.” (Side note: What is it with nice guys and crazy girls. SERIOUSLY GUYS, WHAT IS IT?!?!?) The two embark on a helicopter ride, and Kaylynn is ooooooobviously scared of heights (more tears?!?) and once they reach the top of the mountain, Kaylynn opened up about her experience at boarding school and how she used to cry every night from getting picked on (I guess not much has changed). Tim immediately gave her a rose (and a kiss) for opening up and being comfortable with him and then we got stuck with her for one more week in hopes that she might surprise us and not be crazy (but we think it’s lurking).

For the group date, Team one: Alison, Dominique, Lisa, Renee, Sachelle and Team two: April Borgnetta, Jenny, Martha, Rileigh and Trisha were headed out split into two teams to meet their Bachelor-in-waiting for a day of dragon boat racing, where the winning team gets to go on an extended date with him. In the end, team two won some extra time, while the dejected girls headed back to the house where there was already another date card waiting. April made an impact on Tim, but not necessarily in the best way, while Rileigh and Trisha got Tim’s attention—especially Trisha who got herself a rose on the group date. While Rileigh stewed about her previous “cut the shit” conversation, Trisha gushed and squeed about her little win.

Christine, Natalie, Sonia and April Brockman were whisked away on the next group date, getting glammed up for a photo shoot with Rimmel Canada. Stuck in the pouring rain (classic Vancouver—why on earth do they keep shooting here?!?), the girls put on good faces and just when Tim thought he couldn’t crack that “proper” veneer Natalie had up, they ended up smooching in some of their shots. When Sonia went up, things were a little awkward and it was pretty uncomfortable for all parties involved (including the viewers). Tim pulled her aside to talk, letting her down easy that he thought it was best she went home and Sonia left with a couple of tears—from some of the other girls too. April got some extra time with Tim after the photo shoot while Christine and Natalie got sent back to the house, but it was more because he had the most questions about April. While they got serenaded, Tim got down to business and started with the get-to-know-you talk. There was some serious smooching, but no official rose to seal the deal, sending her into the rose ceremony with some uncertainty.

At the rose ceremony, Kaylynn said she was going to “play it cool” and then started crying as soon as the attention was put on another girl. Acting like a hot mess of a handful, her tears continued even after all the girls got their roses—herself included from the first date. Having a full-on MELTDOWN and getting up in Martha’s face even though she tried to calm her down, Tim pulled her aside and was being way too understanding for how freaking crazy this woman was being. Seriously. KAYLYNN, STOOOOOOP. After she finally stopped her tears, Tim announced that the crew would be heading to Cabo, where there promised to be many more tears (from hopefully someone other than Kaylynn).

Coming up roses: Kaylynn, Trisha, April Borgnetta, Christine, Sachelle, Martha, Dominique, Jenny, Lisa, April Brockman, Rileigh and Natalie.

Bachelorettes to watch: Kaylynn (oh the teeeeeears), Lisa, Natalie, April Brockman

Kiss count: Kaylynn, Natalie, April Brockman (Episode – 3; Season – 3)

Cry count: Sonia (Episode – 1; Season: 2)

Cat fight: (Episode – 0; Season: 0.5)

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