Ashton Kutcher To Play Steve Jobs

Here’s a piece of Hollywood news you likely chalked up to April Fool’s tomfoolery: Ashton Kutcher is set to play Steve Jobs in the indie biopic.

So far titled “Jobs,” the film will be directed by Joshua Michael Stern (of Swing Vote) and be written by Matt Whiteley. Revolving around Steve Jobs’ hippie early years to the co-founder of Apple, Ashton Kutcher will be in all his dramatic film glory, considering this part couldn’t be further from his current role on Two And A Half Men.

Said producer Mark Hulme of the project, “I had the idea the day Jobs retired and I notice several IT and art directors at my company all in a buzz. I was observing that day how distractive his retirement was to the marketplace and I knew in my heart his story was the film I wanted to do.”

But don’t think that this Ashton Kutcher film will be the only film documenting Steve Jobs’ life: Sony is currently developing a movie based on the critically-acclaimed Steve Jobs biography, “Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography,” and Aaron Sorking had been previously tapped to screenwrite. (Aaron Sorkin has so far not chosen to comment since telling media he was still “thinking about it” in November.)

Reports say that Ashton Kutcher’s version will begin filming in May, where we will no doubt be treated to more “WHAT?!” news like the very piece we’re delivering.

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