Are Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner Back Together?

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, aka Taylor Squared are reportedly back together after the hug heard all around the world. We’re talking about the hug that Swift gave to Lautner during her concert. The singer reportedly stepped off the stage to give her former flame a big ol’ hug and she even changed the lyrics to her hit single Back to December and dedicated it to Lautner.

That wasn’t the first indication that this match made in pop-celebrity heaven is back on, though. The Twilight star is reportedly trying to win back the pop-country diva behind the scenes, after reconnecting both at Swift’s concert and backstage at the Teen Choice Awards on August 7th.

So how did Lautner rekindle the flame? For those of you Twihards out there, brace yourselves for this one. He won her back with a bouquet of roses and a heartfelt note “ I see a song coming out of this love story in the near future.

[Swift] was gushing to friends about how much fun they had [at the Teen Choice Awards], a source told Star magazine. They first got together several weeks ago over the phone and e-mail after Taylor reached out to her.

The couple first became an item back in 2009 after meeting on set of the failed feature film, Valentine’s Day. However, it was only a brief three-month relationship for Taylor Squared, due to their hectic schedules. Ah young love, trying to survive in the Hollywood world.

So why all of a sudden, do they feel that their hectic schedules won’t get in the way?

Well, Lautner has reportedly been down in the dumps because his relationship with co-star Lily Collins (yes, that’s Phil Collins’ daughter) is cooling off. Even more, a source claims Lautner always felt terrible about the way things ended and he wants a second chance with her.

Hopefully this go around is more successful.

What do you think about them having another go at the relationship?


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