Anna Wintour Heads to the Hall

Hot on the heels (pun intended) of this week’s DVD release of The September Issue comes the news that Vogue Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour, will be inducted into the Magazine Editors’ Hall of Fame this coming April.  (Really?  It took this long?)

In an announcement made by the American Society of Magazine Editors, it was declared that Ms. Wintour defined style for a generation of magazine readers and [has] come to epitomize the essential qualities of editorial leadership (just ask her interns).  But seriously “ out of all the American magazines and all of their editors, it took this long for the (Prada-wearing) devil herself to be recognized?  (Am I alone in my shock and dismay?)

The infamous and iconic Ms. Wintour has been the editor of Vogue since many of us can remember, so it’s somewhat surprising that the legend has failed to make the cut until recently.  While it’s still an undoubtedly huge honour “ and regardless of her (alleged) personal legacy “ the woman is obviously talented, and while former employees may write memoirs based on events that occurred during their employment at a specific magazine (that later become feature films starring Meryl Streep), this induction is long overdue “ as I’m sure Ms. Wintour and her faithful following can attest to.

And for those of us that choose to question this decision, I suggest picking up The September Issue to further re-iterate the fact that terrifying as she may seem, out of most people, Anna Wintour knows fashion best.

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