10 F*cked Up Things That Happened on The Bachelor: Season 20, Episode 5

Viva, Mexico! This week on The Bachelor, the group headed to Mexico (and thankfully no one thought they were still in the US, or vice versa).

  1. After the group arrived to Mexico City, Ben woke up all the girls to take Amanda on their date because he wanted to see them in their element. That’s just mean. Amanda, of course, looked amazing #Iwokeuplikethis.sleeping beauty
  2. The worst part of this 4:30 a.m. wakeup call? Lauren H. still wearing her retainer.
  3. Amanda poured her heart out to Ben (not the fucked up part), but in revealing her past, she talked about her cheating ex that essentially walked out on her and her two kids. Naturally, she got a rose because she’s a good person and her ex will rue the day. RUE THE DAY.
  4. Jubilee, Becca, JoJo, Caila, Emily, Lauren B., Jennifer, Leah and Olivia all went on a group date and learned some Spanish, and went Jubilee went up to say some romantical things to Ben, she was being a little rude with the ˜tude.
  5. On the second part of the date, the group had to get some ingredients to make a Mexican meal and, naturally, Olivia stole Ben immediately, but it became pretty evident that she has bad breath when Ben took her to try some fresh mint. Yikes.
  6. JoJo gave the best line of the night: Ben already tasted my taco. And he loved it. The real winner of the show, ladies and gents.wink
  7. Jubilee pouted like a petulant child when she didn’t get the time that she wanted and made the whole group feel awkward when Ben tried to grab her hand. And Ben actually gave her shit for her reactions to the whole process”girl, you’re on The Bachelor. There are going to be other chicks there. Inevitably, they just didn’t mesh well and Ben sent her home. And then Olivia got the rose? I can’t.confused
  8. Lauren H. got the final solo date of the week and had to walk a runway at a fashion show, which is actually my version of hell (all eyes on me while I attempt to walk without tripping/falling). But, during their post-runway conversation, the episode took a serious turn into snoozeville, which is always disappointing. WE WANT DRAMA.giphy
  9. After Olivia referred to Amanda’s past as something she heard on Teen Mom, Emily pulled Ben aside to tell him what’s really going on with Olivia and how disrespectful she is to the group. And then Olivia interrupted and laid the charm on thick, but Ben asked some of the other girls what they thought and, well, she’s (shockingly) not the most popular.
  10. When the rose ceremony started gearing up, Ben pulled Olivia aside to talk to her… and then the episode just finished leaving us with no sense of resolution, screaming DID HE TAKE BACK THE ROSE to the TV like animals.

Until next week…olivia

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