How to Get Sensual With Your Senses

Truth be told, the more sex we have, the more often it can become a practice of moving through the motions “ knowing exactly what turns you and your partner on and we engage the necessary sense needed to get us from A to B without really thinking about it. But guess what? We’re here to tell you that all the rest of those wonderfully underused senses are just dying to be tapped into, helping to enhance not only your pleasure, but his as well. Here’s how: 


Because sex is so often about touch, we often forget how important a role sight plays in turning us and our partners on. It can be something as simple as leaving the lights on and letting him watch you undress, to purposely leaving the bathroom door open so that he can watch you rub down your body in the shower. Believe us when we say that knowing that his eyes are on you will do just as much for you as it does for him.


Utilizing your sense of hearing can come in so many forms that you might want to be careful not to overwhelm your senses. Start your evening out with some mood-setting music and then, as things rev up, really focus in on the sounds that you and your partner are making. If the moment feels right, begin to whisper some of the sexy thoughts that are running through your head into his ear. We guarantee it’s likely to send you both crashing over the edge.


As humans, we naturally develop to produce certain smells that will let potential partners know that we are ready to mate but there is also a multitude of ways that we can manipulate our sense of smell to sexier thoughts. Scents like vanilla, musk and sandalwood have the ability (thanks to their closeness to natural human scents) to make us feel more in the mood. Light up some candles and place them around the room letting them enhance what your body will naturally do.


Don’t let anyone tell you that sex has to start (or continue for that matter) in the bedroom. The sexual experience can start well before you and your partner ever come anywhere near a bed. Cook a good meal together, feed one another, and take the time to truly enjoy the flavours of what you are eating. Try aphrodisiac foods like oysters, chocolate, and wine to set the mood for later activities you will under take together.


As mentioned earlier, touch is our most commonly used sense during sex but also the one we underappreciate the most. Take your sense of touch to another level by changing textures (silk sheets and lace lingerie anyone?) or by eliminating your sense of sight. A blindfold or even just a pair of sunglasses greatly enhances pleasure by allowing you to focus more on every feeling and touch.

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