How to Surprise Your Best Friend on Her Birthday

Getting a birthday present for your best friend can be tricky. So instead of a present, why not give her an experience that will knock her off her feet? A surprise birthday party! Nothing is better than the gift of feeling super duper loved by the people you care about most.  Here are 5 steps to throwing the best surprise birthday for your best friend.


1) What type of surprise party will she love?

What are her hobbies? What are her likes & dislikes? Would she want something intimate or huge? 

2) Get her schedule

When will she least expect a surprise? Will you try to surprise her during your weekly brunch? Or plan a fun outing and surprise her with a big celebration? It all depends on what suits her personality best. 

3) Start inviting

Start facebooking, messaging, emailing and getting in touch with the people your best friend would LOVE to see there. You’ll need to get an idea of the guest list before you know where to host the party, or get together.

3) Get decorations

Nothing says surprise like some good decorations. Balloons, cupcakes, and streamers are always fun! 

4) Food

Plan your party around food and snacks! Pick out a cake, cupcakes, and snacks for your guests and your friend. And if you’re going out to a restaurant, make sure you call the restaurant ahead of time to arrange a dessert avec candle, and singing to close out the evening!

5) Make sure your guest of honor is coming

Now for the final & most critical step. How do you get your best friend to come to the party? Come up with a story that will give your friends time to decorate, or enlist a friend to bring her to the place for the surprise.

But remember that a surprise party is all in the planning. And don’t fret, even if the surprise doesn’t turn out to be a ‘surprise’ (whatever the reason), just know that your friend will love you for the effort and for trying to make the day even more special.


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