7 Gifts He’ll Love for Father’s Day

Everyone knows that a girl’s first love is her dad but how do you celebrate that love when Father’s Day rolls around? Mother’s Day always seems a little easier when you’re a daughter (spa day, amirite?) but shopping for dad can be a little more complicated. Luckily, I have a few ideas for Father’s Day gifts depending on what kind of guy your dad is. A sports fan, a stylish man, a cook or just a guy who likes to eat, I have you covered!

1. Zwilling Pro 3-piece Starter Kit (knife set)

If dad is a wiz in the kitchen, he’ll love this knife set from Zwilling. It includes a 4” paring knife, a 5” tomato/bagel knife and an 8” chef’s knife. He'll feel like Gordon Ramsey (but hopefully a PG-rated one) in the kitchen with these amazing knives. This company used innovative design to ensure smooth cutting. Hey, it may not be a big deal to you but if your day likes messing around in the kitchen, these bad boys will be a welcome surprise, trust me. Plus, dad might be SO excited about his new utensils that he'll offer to make you something, anything, just to give them a spin. You're welcome. 

2. All You Can Eat Fathers Day BBQ at Casa Loma

A lot of parents aren’t really big on extravagant gifts; all they want is to spend the day with you. And barbeque. Everyone wants barbeque. This Father’s Day, Casa Loma in Toronto is having an all you can eat BBQ on the garden terrace/balcony. Chomp down on delicious ribs and burgers while your dad reminisces over visiting Casa Loma when he was younger. Or while he watches the guy behind the grill and tells you “That guy isn’t grilling the way I do. Should I go ask if he wants me to show him how?” The event is being put on by Liberty Entertainment and tickets are still available at casaloma.org. Did I mention there’s barbeque?

3. RW&Co Perforated Suede Shoe

This shoe is the ultimate in classic style. Greyscale tone and perforated suede, once he gets his foot in this, you’ll finally be able to turn the tables and ask why he’s so obsessed with his shoes. If you nab him these shoes for Father’s Day, he won’t want to wear anything else all summer. And he won’t have to since these look great with jeans, chinos and shorts. Plus, because they’re 100% suede leather he’ll think you broke the bank and might offer to treat YOU to dinner.

4. Gillette & Old Spice Gift Basket

Guys who are on the more rugged side won’t be tripping over their feet to treat themselves. That’s where you come in. Gillette just released a new razor with a built in Flexball for a better shave (hello, ladies need one too!). But don’t just gift dad a razor, he can do that himself. Surround the razor with a basket of goodies like Old Spice bodywash, hair gel and shampoo because (a) he’ll put the to good use once he has them in his possession and (b) dads are just supposed to smell like Old Spice.  

5. A Baseball Game

Or a basketball game or a soccer game (or even the promise of a hockey game when the regular season starts up again). If your dad is into sports, than this type of gift is a no-brainer. He’ll be able to kick back, enjoy his favourite team (fingers crossed they win!) and spend time with his daughter soaking up the attention whenever you have a question about what’s happening.  

6. A Pebble Steel Smartwatch

Watches are a great idea for Father's Day; they're a classic accessory that most men love. But THIS watch? Tech-loving dads will be all over this watch. This Pebble Steel watch is like a smart phone but even better: it's waterproof. In addition, this watch syncs up with either Androids or iPhone and can run as many apps. The new stainless steel design is amazing, it keeps the watch looks incredibly sharp but also gives it a cool retro vibe. 

7. A Portable Cable Drill

Dads love to fix things don't they? Be careful, if you get your dad this super cool Portable Cable drill, he might just go around breaking things so he can fix them. This drill is portable, powerful and seriously durable. This is the gift that will keep on giving; dad will have it forever and he'll be so much more willing to help you put together any new furniture you may buy!

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