10 Ways to Thank Your Mom this Mother’s Day

From dropping you off at choir rehearsal all those years to being your go-to ear to listen and shoulder to cry on for any and every reason  –  your Mom’s done a ton for you. Show her some appreciation this May 13th with a gift that’s a little more thoughtful than a generic box of chocolates.

Take your pick from this list of 10 unique ideas!

1. Take her for high tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel. Feast on finger sandwiches and scones then stroll around Yorkville for the rest of the afternoon.

2. Treat her to a mani-pedi – the classic mother daughter date. Grab lattes and flip through magazines as you hang in massage chairs and get a spring foot-freshen-up.

3. Send her some snail mail. Whether its a lengthy list of reasons she’s the best or a mini care package full of chocolates and magazines, getting a reminder in the mail that someone appreciates you is the best feeling ever.

4. Print photos of your fam. Make them big, get them framed, and make those memories display-able! Or, if you’ve got siblings and you fancy recreating a childhood photo ala Danish photgrapher Wilma Hurskainen (and everyone else who recreated her idea for kicks), go for it.

5. Do a yoga class together. Head to Breath Yoga Studio on Dundas West for a restorative afternoon Mother’s Day yoga class. Relax, restore, and sweat off your Mother’s day brunch.

6. Check out this Mother’s Day in a Jar idea. Stash a glass jar full of all the fixins for a homemade mani pedi, or a super luxurious bubble bath.

7. Have a bottle of her favourite wine delivered to her door. Check out Winery to Home delivery service. Starts at $9.00 per bottle to be shipped by Canada Post. If there’s nothing your mama fancies more than a good glass of her favourite pinot noir, this will make her way happier than a bouquet of flowers.

8. Get her a gift card to her favourite restaurant. She can take a night off whenever she wants, with whoever she wants.

9. Go over and clean the house, top to bottom. Arrange a time to vaccum the floors, wash the windows, dust, take out the garbage and recycling, etc.

10. Alternative to the “love coupons” idea: make a flip book of favourite quotes that you both love. Think: your favourite movies, authors, hilarious family anecdotes  … for whenever she needs to smile.

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