Gift Guide 2019: 15 IKEA Finds You Can Give As Gifts This Holiday

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping! You could spend hours wandering aimlessly around the mall to get your shopping done, or you could hit up a one-stop-shop and get everyone on your list in one fell swoop. Where is this magical land of perfect holiday gifts? IKEA. An unexpected but unparalleled spot for easy holiday shopping without breaking the bank.

We’ve rounded up 15 of our favourite IKEA holiday gift ideas so you can check everyone off your shopping list.


BRILJERA Chef’s Knife, $54.99
Every chef needs a good knife, especially if you’re trying to get to Master Chef Gordon Ramsey-level in the kitchen. A sharp knife can be game-changing when it comes to prepping foods like meat and root veggies and this gorgeous BRILJERAchef’s knife with its maple wood handle and Damascus stainless steel blade, will stay sharp for many meals to come.

OUMBÄRLIG 7-Piece Cookware Set, $64.99
Whether it’s a (not-so-) subtle hint to someone to cook you more dinners or just a nice gesture to upgrade your kitchen-loving pal’s cookware, this stainless steel set will make anyone’s holiday a little merrier. Plus, it works on any kind of cooktop (even induction) so you can skip checking out their kitchen setup.


SYMFONISK Wifi Bookshelf Speaker, $149
We’re often so glued to our phones, but seldom have anywhere in our home to blast those tunes. The result of a collaboration between IKEA and Sonos, this sleek Wi-Fi bookshelf speaker fits seamlessly with any décor, can be mounted for a space-saving hack and will boost any atmosphere with your favourite music.

MÖJLIGHET Headset and Tablet Stand, $3.99
Consider this the perfect last-minute, budget-friendly, super-easy holiday gift for the music-lover in your life. Bonus points for snagging this for Secret Santa, too.


TRÅDFRI Gateway, $39.99
Impress the gadget geek in your life with this gateway, which connects your IKEA smart lighting products to an app on your phone, so you can control everything wirelessly. Get some extra holiday gift points (or convince your gift recipient that your home is inhabited by ghosts) by setting this up early and gift them an extra layer of convenience.

TRÅDFRI Wireless Control Outlet, $12.99
Want to make everything in your home smart, even if it’s not an IKEA smart device? Control anything from a coffee maker to a light to any small household appliance to the app on your device for wireless control. You can even control your Christmas lights this holiday season, which means no crawling behind the tree! Plus, these make great stocking stuffers.


NORDMÄRKE Wireless Charger, $19.99
You know that friend whose phone always seems to be out of juice? Consider this a gift for the both of you. This wireless charger rings in under $20, works with both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices and looks chic in any space.

FIXA 17-Piece Tool Kit, $9.99
Have a would-be handyperson on your list? This tool kit has everything an aspiring Bob Villa needs to DIY their life and fits perfectly in any holiday stocking.

BLOMDOFT Scented Candle, $4.99
Candles are always a crowd-pleaser when it comes to holiday gifts and make for easy stocking stuffers. This one is smells like sweet pea, cassis and violet and is under $5, plus comes in a cute glass votive with a lid that will double as a knick knack holder after the candle is burned down.


LURVIG Cat House with Pad, $13.99
There are few things cuter than an animal in a tiny animal house and this little cat house is no exception. Your cat-loving friend (or you and your cat—no judgement) will have tons of holiday photo opps with this new addition. Honestly, we’re just jealous they don’t have these big enough for us to snooze in.

LURVIG Pet Travel Bag, $29.99
While holiday gifts are generally fun, that doesn’t mean they can’t also be practical. For the pal who takes their animal friend with them on their adventures, this pet travel bag is the perfect gift and it works for both small dogs and cats.


SPISIG Play Kitchen, $69
If you’re at that stage in life where you don’t have kids but have kids in your life and have no earthly idea what the fad toy du jour is, this gift idea is for you. Whether this is for your niece, nephew or fairy godchild, IKEA’s play kitchen is always a winner.

MÅLA Easel, $24.99
Help the kiddo in your life unleash their inner artiste (or deep-seeded dreams of being a professor) with this collapsible easel. It has a chalkboard on one side, a whiteboard on the other and drawing paper can be added for artistic vision that just won’t quit.


VINTERFEST Side Plate, $3.99 each
Heading to a holiday potluck or not sure what to gift the perpetual hostess? This leaf-patterned side plate is inexpensive and sophisticated looking, whether you’re gifting a couple or topping with a dessert to leave as a gift.

VINTERFEST Serving Bowl with Lid, $14.99
This tree-shaped bowl will become a staple in any hostess’ holiday décor after you gift it this season. Get some extra points with the big guy in red by dropping it off filled with some homemade (or not) holiday cookies.

This post was sponsored by IKEA but the opinions are our own.

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