Summer’s Must-Have Item: The Playsuit

Some of you may be wondering what in the world is a playsuit? Is it a romper? Is this a new spin on the onesie? Is it a snuggie? Can you snuggle in it whilst taking pickle back shots on a patio with your best friends? Is it date night appropriate? And the biggest question of all: How do you go to the bathroom in it?

Not to fret, the playsuit is literally the summer gift that keeps on giving. It pairs well with a blazer and heels. It can take you through an entire day at the beach. It’s perfect for a first date in chucks and a jean jacket. You can even throw a sweater over it, letting the bottom half act like a makeshift pair of shorts. The playsuit knows no boundaries when it comes to warm weather chic.

Our favourite type of playsuit is loose-fitting in a gorgeous light fabric that hits all the right spots. Be weary of a playsuit that doesn’t cinch at the waist. Anything higher or lower is a sad perversion of what could be an incredible outfit. We really like playsuits that are shorts but give the illusion of being a skirt. Please stay away from anything tight and anything with too low of a v-neck, especially when the shorts are super short.

Playsuits look great and come in so many different styles. The halter top, the long sleeve, the t-shirt sleeve, the tank and even strapless. Pick a few different playsuits in different patterns, prints and colours. Some have lace details and others have scalloped edges. Some come tie-dye and others are crochet. The choices are endless!

If you’re looking for playsuit inspiration, may we suggest you follow Australian blogger, @pepamack? She always seems to have the best styling tips when it comes to playsuits (and a lot of other summer items). We love how she keeps it simple and sexy. Because a playsuit really, shouldn’t be anything but!

Here are some of our favourite playsuits of the season:

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