Wednesday Workout: Studio Lagree

Fitness guru to the stars Sebastien Lagree has opened shop in Toronto, bringing the workout that has sculpted the bodies of Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Aniston to our neighbourhood.  I was invited to be the first media in Canada to experience Studio Lagree back in February, and since my first workout, I’ve been going back weekly!

What is it?

A 50-minute class created by Sebastien Lagree, which I refer to as “Pilates on crack”. Using a machine called the Megaformer, you perform movements that help increase your body’s strength, endurance and flexibility. It is a true full-body workout.  It can be a bit complicated at first, but the studio’s trainers help you manoeuver on the machine, ensuring you are doing each exercise correctly.

Where is it?

Studio Lagree is located at 435 Spadina Road in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

How much is it?

Your first class is free! Afterwards, a single class is $35, but you can buy multiple classes in packages and receive a discount. Private classes are also available for $110 each.

What are the results?

I can honestly say that after only four classes at Studio Lagree I could see major changes in my body. I felt stronger, my stomach felt tighter and I had more muscle definition in my arms and legs. Now my girlfriends and I go to the studio once a week (I’d like to start going more). It is a fun class to go to with friends. You can also organize one-on-one sessions if you need more help from the trainers. I am always sore the next day; you can really feel it in the muscles that are usually hard to target when doing conventional exercises. I’m hooked!

Check out Studio Lagree for schedules and new locations.


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