Wednesday Workout: Quad Spinning

I was always intimidated by spin classes. At the gym I’d see people exiting a spin class looking like they’d just been through hell! But, for some crazy reason, I decided to try out a class anyway and I am happy I did. Yes, spinning isn’t an easy workout, but it is so worth it.

What is it?

Typically, a one hour class using a special stationary bicycle that focuses on improving your endurance and strength. Your instructor will take you through sprints (riding fast on a lower intensity), climbs (high intensity with the feeling of riding uphill) and interval training (going back and forth between the two). The reason I like Quad Spinning in Toronto is that they are fitness studios that focus only on spinning. The instructors are very knowledgeable and there are enough classes that you can find the perfect fit for your schedule. Plus, the soundtracks for their classes really pump you up!

Where is it?

Quad Spinning has three locations in the Toronto area:

580 King St. West, Toronto, ON (I take Lara’s classes here on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons!)
672 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON
447 Speers Rd., Oakville, ON

How much is it?

Your first class is $10; regular classes are $25 each.

What are the results?

Looking to burn calories and get trim for bikini season? Spin could be your best bet! You’ll see definition in your legs and core after a few classes as well as weight loss from the intense cardio exercise. After your first class you may feel a little discomfort and soreness from the bicycle seat, but you’ll get used to this the more you spin.  

Visit for class schedules. 


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