Schwarzkopf Professional Makeovers: Before and After

Kira Krusky entered our Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Color10 Makeover Contest because she was ready for a change. “I’d been thinking about doing something new with my hair, but have been hesitant about going about it on my own,” she said. As the lucky contest winner she had to choose a guest to bring along with her, who would also get a makeover, plus join her for a dinner on the town on our tab. “I picked my mom to be my guest for two reasons. Reason one is because her birthday is coming up and reason two is that none of my friends would fight over who got to go!”

Tyler Colton

When Kira and her mother arrived at the Schwarzkopf Professional Academy in Toronto, they had no idea what to expect. Celebrity Hair Stylist Tyler Colton would be completely changing their looks, using Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Color10 hair colour. Kira was up for anything, where as her mother was reluctant to let go of a hairstyle she’d become used to. “When Tyler explained to us exactly what he was going to do and why, I think we both began to relax,” said Kira.

Both ladies are happy with their final looks, admitting the modern hairstyles suited them well. “My friends were all shocked by my new hair and some even pulled it to make sure it wasn't a wig,” said Kira. 

Schwarzkopf Professional Makeovers


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