How to Snack Smarter

Recent studies suggest that the best way to keep your metabolism going during the day is by eating small meals every few hours. One or two small healthy snacks between meals can help you manage your waistline and give you all the nutrients you need. Here are some quick ways to snack smarter and keep your cravings in check.

1) Always carry a snack food with you

The hardest part about snacking responsibly is avoiding the temptation to order mid-afternoon French fries or eating a sugary treat at your desk. Keep a small zip lock bag of almonds in your purse, or a Nature granola bar with you to avoid temptation and those desperate times you get really hungry and have no option but to indulge.

2) Eat a small snack between lunch and dinner

To avoid getting really hungry between meals, have an apple, yogurt, or banana between meals. The goal is to avoid binge eating and to keep your metabolism going consistently throughout the day.

3) Drink lots of water

Remember that drinks count as snacks too! Sometimes mid-afternoon ‘snack cravings’ can be satisfied with a big glass of cold water. Your body can sometimes confuse hunger with thirst. So before you reach for another handful of crackers, chug some water and see if that helps.

4) Focus on protein rich foods

Snack foods can often be carb and sugar heavy. Look for nuts, low fat dairy, and lean meat.

5) Snack on ‘whole foods’

Eat foods that are in their original form. Try to avoid processed and pre-packaged junk food. Think baby carrots, celery, apples, oranges vs. crackers, cookies, and chips. Naturally colorful foods are generally a healthy option.

Always remember that snacking between meals is a great part of maintaining a healthy diet, but only if done responsibly! Fruits, veggies, and everything in moderation


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