Skincare Revolution: Foreo LUNA Play Plus

Good things come in small, portable and reusable packages…

If you’re like me, your skincare routine has been an evolution. Mine began with cursing and an extra large bottle of oil-busting Ten-O-Six Deep Pore Cleanser.  Ironically, I now gravitate towards oil-based products with the words rose, lavender and coconut oil on their labels. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want my skin good and clean every night.

So I do due diligence and as a result, my bathroom is a bit of a revolving door for every tube, jar, pot, pump, spray and packet that comes on the market. I’ve tried many, kept some (I’m looking at youDove beauty bar) and added a few new tried-and-true items into my lengthy regime, like the Foreo LUNA Play Plus.

Okay, so it’s not entirely new to the beauty scene or to my bathroom for that matter. Play Plus is the big sister to last year’s super-hyped Foreo LUNA Play, which I liked, a lot actually. What I wasn’t crazy about was that I had to recycle the golf ball-sized facial cleansing gadget every three or six months when its battery charge died. But now, with newbie Play Plus on the scene, things are changing and I’ve got the long-term commitment I’m craving.

Just like it’s predecessor, Play Plus is travel sized, ultra-hygienic and loaded with bacteria-busting silicone. And it still gives my sensitive skin all of the great oscillating cleansing I want, but now with a little extra bang. First of all, it’s a touch larger than Play (the name is a bit of a spoiler alert!), it uses a larger brush head for increased cleansing and it has a built-in two-zone brush to make sure no pore is left out. I don’t have to compromise on my skin care either, because even though Play Plus is a tad bigger, I can still reach the tiny parts of my face, like the sides of my nose. I can also relieve my beauty guilt, because Play Plus uses AAA batteries, which I can replace whenever I need to, so I won’t need to toss this new tool in the blue bin.

Foreo LUNA Play Plus, $59 at

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