Beauty Panel Review: ReVit by Silk’n, Diamond Microdermabrasion System

Age spots. Fine lines. Acne scars. All imperfections we’d love to never see again. Well, there’s hope. And it doesn’t cost a fortune! Our panel of beauty enthusiasts have found a tool that reduces those very imperfections. The ReVit by Silk’n is an at home, crystal-free, microdermabrasion system that gently removes dead skin cells, leaving you with an improved skin tone, texture and elasticity. With results in as little as a week, we knew we had to put this beauty tool to the test. Each of our panelists tried the device for a two week period. Read on to find out what they thought.

Ashley Kowalewski “ Managing Editor


I have very sensitive skin, which makes it difficult to try new products or tools. When I first received the Silk’n ReVit, I wanted to try it, but I was a little nervous given that exfoliation and I are not normally friends. After my first shot, I experienced some redness (but I’m almost a walking tomato, so that was nothing new), but what happened after the redness subsided (like, five minutes) was what hooked me.

After rinsing my face and applying my go-to moisturizer, my skin looked brighter and much less dull. After the long skin-drying winter, my face was in need of some TLC, but as someone who has been avoiding exfoliation like the plague, it’s been difficult to get rid of that dry skin. The Silk’n ReVit got rid of all that dull, dry skin, leaving it looking much brighter and healthier, without aggravating my skin. I’m definitely adding exfoliation back into my weekly skincare regimen.

Sara Koonar “ Editor-in-Chief


Just like my fellow beauty panelists I was a little nervous at first to try this tool that was going to vacuum my face. But, when I read the benefits I had to go for it. I’ve been trying to get rid of a few acne scars on my cheek all year and I was hoping this would be the solution.

After my regular cleansing routine I turned on my ReVit (I chose the Fine Tip for all over exfoliation and set it to regular suction). I held my skin taut and glided the ReVit in an upwards motion over the area on my face I wanted to treat. It was completely painless, the subtle vacuuming feels like a tickle. After a few minutes I checked the filter, because I wanted to see how much dead skin was removed (I am gross like that). Well, you can imagine what I saw. A few good months of dead skin that was getting in the way of a much more glowing and smooth-skinned Sara. While I’ll need a few more treatments before my scars are gone for good, I can see the benefits already.

Anne T. Donahue “ Comedian & Writer


It’s probably important for me to tell you that when I first tried The ReVit I didn’t read the instructions, did it completely wrong (note: you’re supposed to use it on dry skin), and then emailed Sara asking why it was acting like a glorified suction cup.

The good news? I finally ended up using it properly and no longer wanted to walk into the ocean. The bad news? There is none: after using it once, I already noticed a huge difference (especially since I was dealing with a PMS-induced break-out, as is my way), and my skin looked less red and stressed out. Plus, my token under-eye circles seemed less present and accounted for, and my moisturizer actually felt like it was working — instead of like, just hanging out on my face, hoping for the best.
So I will continue to use this and feel terrific about my life choices as I typically do. Though that being said, please, for the love of all that is good, read the directions.

Stacey Brennan “ Beauty Vlogger


The Silk’n ReVit is fantastic! As someone who regularly indulges in microdermabrasion it was nice to be able to have a tool that allowed me to do the procedure at home.

I loved that it comes with different head attachments to work on certain areas with ease. I have sensitive skin and I had no issues with irritation. The tool was light and easy to maneuver as well.

My skin feels and looks amazing and I can’t wait to continue to use the Silk’n ReVit as part of my regular routine.

Meghan Yuri Young “ Lifestyle Blogger


ReVit by Silk’n is a game changer, in my opinion. I’ve never come across something like it before and was very intrigued to try it out. The initial suctioning sensation was a bit strange and it did leave my face fairly pink from the procedure, but that only made me feel as though the microdermabrasion device was doing the job. After trialing it for two weeks, it certainly did. I have a mix of freckles and sun spots, and they reduced significantly. The gentle vacuuming removed this topmost layer and I’m in love with the smooth results.

Revit by Silk’n retails for $99 and is available at, Shoppers Drug Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond and London Drugs.

This post was brought to you by Silk’n. The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Silk’n.

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