Product Of The Week: Quo Beauty Shimmer Lip Oil

Ever hear the saying: beauty is as beauty does? It was said to us a bazillion times growing up. We’d roll our eyes at whichever grown-up was uttering the words, possibly respond with a “we know” followed by a deep sigh and then, carry on. Yet, with beauty companies like Shoppers Drug Mart’s Quo Beauty crafting and offering products committed to fighting climate change, those five little words now resonate. Strongly.

It’s one of the reason’s we’ve been swiping a sheer, clear and sparkly layer of Quo’s Shimmer Lip Oil in “Sugar Cookie” over top of our rotating selection of the brand’s Powder Matte Lipsticks line.

Enriched with coconut and ginger root oils to keep our lips soft and hydrated, each of the four Shimmer Lip Oils—from “Chocolate Éclair’s” rosy brown and “Maraschino’s” pop of pink to “Pink Macaron’s” subtle blush and, our favourite, “Sugar Cookie’s” clear sparkle—gives us loads of effervescent shine. Their cylinder containers are made with 45 per cent recycled plastic too, while the actual lip oils are formulated from 70 per cent naturally derived ingredients. We enjoy wearing them on their own, but our favourite look is when we layer one over top one of Quo’s 10 Powder Matte Lipstick shades.

These colourful lippies glide on smoothly. They’re also jam packed with nourishing sunflower seed oil and shea butter, so they feel as good as they look. With ten hues ranging from “Au Naturel’s” delicate beige to “Wine Not’s” bold burgundy, we’re mix-matching our Shimmers and lipstick colours pretty much every day. And trust us when we say there’s zero guilt when we wear one out and toss it in the green bin. The lipsticks’ plastic containers are made from mono-material, which means just one type of plastic, so they’re super easy to recycle.

Like we said before, beauty is as beauty does.

Quo Beauty Shimmer Lip Oil in “Sugar Cookie,” “Chocolate Éclair,” “Maraschino” and “Pink Macaron,” $13 each and Quo Beauty Powder Matte Lipstick in “Au Naturel,” “Charmed,” “Chestnut,” “Darling,” “Mauve On,” “Pink Lemonade,” “Power Pose,” “Spiced,” “Teddy,” and “Wine Not,” $15 each—all available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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