Product Of The Week: Laline Dead Sea Minerals Salt Scrub with Argan Oil

There’s something so instantly satisfying and validating about rubbing a scrub, like Laline’s Dead Sea Minerals Salt Scrub with Argan Oil, all over our body when we shower. The skin on our arms and legs and everything in between looks and feels cleaner, softer and fresher.

That’s because, with our Laline scrub, we’re letting the formula’s infusion of Dead Sea minerals do their exfoliating work. Every time we rub the rich foamy lather across our skin they’re lifting and removing a layer of dirt, grime, oil and dead skin cells off of our body. A combination of argan, calendula, rosehip and avocado oils help sweep these impurities away while softening and smoothing our skin with their soft and supple hydration. Plus, we love the lingering sweet and soft scent that the blend’s inclusion of fig and sandalwood leave. It makes us feeling warm and comforted.

The scrub is easy to use too. All we have to do is get wet under the shower’s water, scoop out a dollop of the scrub with the handy little wooden spoon, emulsify the product between our hands and rub it in circular motions over our body. Then we rinse it away, turn the shower off and towel dry and we’re ready for the day.

Laline Dead Sea Minerals Salt Scrub with Argan Oil, $45 for 250 grams, available online at

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