Product Of The Week: Kristen Ess Air Dry Crème

Our Great Aunt Jean always made a huge production over whether our hair looked good enough for her standards. She liked it perfectly coiffed with just the right amount of blonde and nary a stray stand or we’d hear her lament about how beautiful our hair used to be when we were children. Ugh. Too many beauty standards to live up to.

That said, GAJ would be all over Kristen Ess’s new Air Dry Crème. At least we think so. Its low-maintenance appeal has high-impact results that definitely give us the frizz-free, fresh and seemingly well-coiffed look we adore and know she’d approve of.

Vegan, free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates, this wash, apply and go styling product meets all of our needs with it’s no fuss, no muss application. And it looks like we’ve actually put a little effort in too, which we know our biggest critics appreciate…despite us barely lifting a finger. Plus, its lightweight formula means that our texture isn’t compromised and actually looks quite polished, so our waves abound. A win-win in our books. After all, if we can shower and scrunch in a dollop of the crème and look like we’ve stepped out of the salon, you know you’re going to repeat this process every single day. Great Aunt Jean would be proud.

Kristen Ess Air Dry Creme, $12.99, available online at

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