Beauty Trend: The Braid is Back

Most of us remember braids as the single French braid that your mom did for you everyday so your hair wouldn’t get tangled, or the double braids that you wore in every school picture from grades one to six. But this season the braid is getting a makeover and it is back and better than ever. Here’s a guide on how to rock this season’s hottest hairstyle.

The Side Braid

Seen first on the Alexander Wang runway, the side braid can now be spotted on everybody from Kate Hudson on the red carpet to your next-door neighbour. It’s the perfect no-fuss style to match a white tank and a pair of cutoff shorts for that casual, cool summer look. A side braid takes literally seconds to put in and is the perfect fix for hair that hasn’t been washed in a day or two (we all have those days¦). It actually looks best when you hair is slightly dirty as it is meant to be messy with strands coming out, making it the perfect compliment to your carefree summer days!

Braided Bangs

Simply pulling back your bangs with a bobby pin is no longer acceptable. Bangs have entered a whole new realm with twists, headbands and the latest trend being none other than the braid. The options are endless for this style between French braiding your bangs, braiding on one side of you part or braiding on both sides, but will all those choices you will definitely never get tired of this look. It’s the latest and hottest version of pinned back bangs and Jennifer Aniston wore this hairstyle at the Oscars so it must be good!

Braided Ponytail

The braided ponytail seems a little obscure at first. It’s a ponytail and it’s a braid¦ (you wouldn’t think that it looks good but it does!) Made famous by Serena Van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, the braided ponytail is the newest hairstyle to hit the streets. This is a braid that appeals to the women who work in an office and aren’t looking for that tousled, carefree summer look that some of the other braided hairstyles provide. It can be conservative for a day at work and then, with a little bit of ruffling, is the perfect finish for your little black dress for a night on the town.

Fishtail Braid

A simple, single braid is done and over with and is being replaced by the fishtail braid. Although this style has been around for ages not many people know how to do it, making those who do know how to make a fishtail braid stand out among a crowd of dozens of normal braids (and often prompting the question is that a normal braid?? What kind of braid is that??) This unique style can be worn pulled back tightly for a day at work or done loosely to the side for a day at the beach. No matter how you wear it this style will set you apart and make all the other braid-wearers envious.

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