Makeup Tips for Brunettes

They say blondes have more fun “ but if you flip through any tabloid or fashion magazine, it’s easy to argue that brunettes successfully have more fun with make up. When blondes and other lighter shades of hair play around with colour there is always that risk that they will turn out looking like Barbie (ahem, Heidi Montag) or even worse, a shade short of a call-girl. Lucky for ladies with the darker locks, this is rarely an issue. Brunettes: here are a few ways to make the playboy bunnies jealous of your most recent makeover!

Start with a fresh canvas:
Regardless of what your hair colour is it is supremely important to find a foundation that matches your skin tone. Hit your local drugstore or department store for a consultation if you’re unsure what works. Once you have created your canvas then start to play around and experiment.

Say yes to the brights (because you can!):
Play up your eyes with the latest bright must-have shade. When you’re rocking darker hair, colours like green, blue, and purple end up looking exotic “ for blondes “ they just end up looking dated and much older.

Ride out the crimson trend:
This fall is calling for sultry red lips “ indulge in an luxurious deep red lipstick for your pout. It’s worth shelling out a bit more for a red lipstick since it typically will have more pigment so you get a more intense colour. If you are used to wearing lighter colours you may notice that your features pop more with a richer shade, like brick, poppy or crimson; lighter shades that lean toward “strawberry” tend to wash out darker features. Ladies, you don’t want to blend; you want to make a statement!

Send out smoke signals:
At least one season a year is devoted to the smokey-eye “ make it happen for you this season. Go heavy on the eyeliner and mascara and pick a brown or grey that you are comfortable with. Colour the entire eyelid up to the inner corners of the brow, and smudge on the lower lash line.

If risky ain’t your thing than play it safe:
If you were blessed with dark hair but colour just isn’t your bag “ play around with bronzers and opt for a more natural look. Highlight your cheeks and right below your brow line. Again, much easier to do when you’re working with darker features but don’t get too carried away “ you don’t want to be comparable to a character from Jersey Shore.

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