Make Your Lashes Longer

What beauty move will give your look instant va-va-voom, whether you’re headed for the boardroom or a night out on the town? A set of long lashes is universally flattering “ here are four ways to get ’em.

1. Mascara. Obviously. But just make sure you know what you’re looking for when you hit the beauty aisle. The wand will usually have bristles that are further apart for better definition, and look for a formula that adds fibres to extend the lashes you already have. Recent arrivals on the lengthening mascara scene include CoverGirl Lash Blast Length, Clinique High Lengths Mascara, and Imju Fiberwig (already a bestseller in Japan).

Average Cost: $10-$30


2. False Lashes. These are the easiest way to get major length for one night only. If you get a full line of lashes, make sure they fit the natural length of your lashline and snip a bit off the ends if they don’t (you can also take a little off the length if you think they’re too long). For a more natural look, use small individual clusters of lashes and glue just a couple on the outer corners of your eyes. Prices will vary depending on the brand “ look to Quo for a basic set, M.A.C for a greater selection, and Shu Uemura for more glamorous options. To help blend the falsies in with your natural lashes, finish off with a coat of mascara.

Average Cost: $5-$20


3. Lash Extensions. Professional lash extensions look amazing and can last anywhere between two to three months. An esthetician applies individual extensions to each lash with a long-lasting glue, so you never have to worry about a whole section falling out at once. It’s totally worth the cost (and a little time in the salon) if you have a big event to go to or you want to go without mascara for a special vacation.

Average Cost: $200


4. Latisse. This innovation had beauty insiders in the U.S. buzzing last year, and with good reason. It’s a daily topical ointment (approved by the FDA) that increases lash length and makes them darker to boot. No makeup, nothing fake. Sounds too good to be true, right? This wonder product had mixed reviews stateside, but we’re still willing to give it a chance when it becomes available in Canada (it’s currently undergoing testing for approval).

Average Cost: $120 (U.S.) for a 30-day supply

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