How to Simplify Your Makeup Routine

If your New Year’s resolution was to sleep more, but alas, your WhiteNoise app just ain’t cutting it, I’ll show you a way to save time in the morning that will allow you to hit the snooze button and catch up on your ZZZ’s.

By dissecting the contents of your makeup bag and ditching old products for some new, double duty favourites, you’ll simplify your morning routine so you can catch up on that extra hour of beauty sleep.

What to toss
Okay, first let’s talk about the basics: expiration dates and makeup brushes. If you are holding on to flaky, dry mascara that you can’t remember purchasing, ditch it. Tubes of mascara will usually only last between 3-6 months, but remember the earlier you toss it the better for you! Now, if we really want to simplify our beautifying routine we need to address makeup brushes (inset horror score here). We really only need a few brushes in our arsenal to achieve the flawless look we’re after: a big, fluffy brush for powder, as well as one for blush (this creates a sheer, natural finish), a wide eyeshadow application brush and maybe a smudge brush or a nifty fan-style brush for applying a highlighter. Also, ladies, if you wouldn’t want to place your brushes under a microscope for fear of what lies between the hairs, you know it’s time to wash them. In fact, you should wash your brushes every 1-2 weeks with gentle shampoo and lay them flat to dry.

What to gather
Now that we have the basics outta of the way, let’s focus on products! I cannot stress enough the importance of a flawless face as the foundation to your makeup routine. But to really save time in the morning cutout the primer, moisturizer and foundation and opt for a tinted moisturizer. And trust me, foundation die-hards; there are some really good products out there that contain varying levels of coverage like those of Laura Mercier.

To add some colour to your face, I especially like Benefit’s Benetint Cheek and Lip Stain. It produces a dewy, rosy finish on both cheeks and lips. But, if you’re really in a pinch often a sweep of bronzer does the trick; just remember that Snooki’s complexion ain’t what we’re after.

As for the eyes, keep it simple my friends. For day, often a sweep of a natural taupe eyeshadow across your eyelid finished with either black or brown mascara, completes the daytime look.

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