Lip Stain vs. Lip Gloss

If you’re gearing up for a night on the town, you want your makeup to last, and to make an impression. However, the debate between wearing lip stain versus wearing lip-gloss “ particularly in the summer “ continues to rage. So we’re answering the age-old question: lip stain or lip-gloss “ which should you choose?

1. What: Formal and dramatic
Lip stain or lip-gloss: Lip stain
Odds are if that you’re hoping for a smoldering look, you’ll want something with longevity that does more than just shines. And while you can use a neutral gloss to balance smoky eyes, doing so can also mute the effect you’re aiming for. Lip stain “ even if just dabbed on and in a light colour “ can offer a more professional or formal vibe thanks to its matte qualities; especially if you’re vying for that bitten trend.

2. What: Light and beachy
Lips stain or lip-gloss: Lip-gloss
In terms of evoking that seaside look, you’ll want to keep your face looking airy, so a clear or pink lip-gloss will help achieve that. If you’re thinking of hitting the beach, make sure to apply SPF (which you should do every day regardless), and top with a light concealer before applying mascara and a layer of gloss. The last thing you want is to be made up “ especially since eyeliner and waves don’t usually go hand in hand.

3. What: Vintage-inspired
Lip stain or lip-gloss: Lip stain
In terms of ˜50s and ˜60s inspired makeup, you need to think matte. While gloss can help add dimension to a look, the vintage face calls for a more 2D approach. So after topping concealer and foundation (or BB cream) with powder and blush, apply a classic red or pink stain to your lips to evoke that retro vibe. However, you’ll want to keep the stain classic: unlike the dramatic look that can be a little more DIY, vintage inspired makeup is kept in the lines. Apply lip stain with a brush and even use liner to set the base. That way, colour won’t bleed and you’ll execute fall’s biggest makeup trend perfectly.

4. What: Fresh-faced
Lip stain or lip-gloss: Either
Thanks to the likes of Kate Middleton, the English rose look is only getting bigger. Natural-looking complexions offer an alternative to darker, autumn-centric makeup, but you can still channel Kate with a light stain or tinted lip-gloss. Provided your eye makeup is kept toned down, you can use a lip stain to make your lips the focal point, or a tinted gloss to add a touch of glamour. Even a tangerine tone can keep you fresh if balanced with light liner and mascara “ the choice is yours.


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