How to Look Classy When You’re Hungover

Whether you had a few too many toasting a pal’s birthday last night, celebrated spring with sugary cocktails on a patio or are simply suffering from post-party exhaustion, waking up hungover is the antithesis of the good times that have you waking up bleary eyed and zombie-like. 

Although you may feel less than lovely, you don’t have to look it; these simple steps will have you looking gorgeous, fresh-faced and like you were in bed by 11pm – even if you were actually ordering another pitcher of sangria with your girls.

Sleeping beauty
Get a head start on waking up beautiful as soon as you hit the hay. If you know you’re headed out for a night of alcohol-fueled enjoyment, place a bottle of electrolyte-spiked smartwater right on top of your pillow to remind yourself to hydrate. Adding another pillow under your head for the night is a good idea, too; elevation prevents puffiness. But even before climbing into bed, help skin look its best by morning by applying an ultra-moisturizing sleeping mask – hydrated skin looks fresher and dewier, hiding the dulling effects of a hangover.

As soon as you wake up, grab a pair of spoons and pop them in the fridge in addition to your eye cream (bonus if it comes in a rollerball formula). Then, get to scrubbing: tweaking your AM routine just a little can make a huge difference – this is the time to buff! Gently exfoliating skin boosts circulation and glow, and is a far better foundation for a brightening cream.

After applying your face cream, press the cold spoons with the curved side down onto eyelids and under your eyes to reduce any puffiness. Follow up with the cold eye cream for an extra shot of cooling and de-puffing while adding much needed moisture to the delicate (read: dead hangover giveaway) eye area. Finish prepping skin with a generous mist of Evian Mineral Water Spray for more moisture (and also because hey, it feels really good!)

Conceal, brighten, illuminate
Subtle makeup tricks are a hungover girl’s best friend, and strategically concealing here while highlighting there can eliminate all traces of last night’s festivities. Start by smoothing on an illuminating primer, like Smashbox’s Photo Finish Luminizing Foundation Primer and follow up with a foundation that’s sheer enough to look fresh, but pigmented enough to hide tired skin, like NARS’ Sheer Glow Foundation. Adding a few drops of Visine and rimming waterlines with a nude-coloured pencil will eliminate redness, while adding a pop of colour to lips with a tinted lip balm hydrates and draws attention away from still-tired eyes.

Fake it till you make it
Just before running out the door, pop an aspirin to reduce inflammation and cure a dreaded hangover headache. Make time to whip up a two-minute smoothie with your favourite fruit plus coconut water and a banana for a big boost of electrolytes and you’ll be glowing and feelin’ alright before you even get to the office. 

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