How to Achieve the Perfect Colour Cat Eye

Now we all (probably) know how to achieve a beautiful black cat eye with liquid liner, but this is about achieving a beautiful coloured accent eye with eye shadow! Don't go run out and spend money on a coloured liquid liner (sometimes they are very faint as well) and just pick your favourite eye shadow! Follow the steps below and you will have a beautiful cat eye to show off!

1. Once you have picked your favourite shadow, now you will need a angled brush like this, as well as a simple black liner pencil.

2. Gently pull your lid upward so you can see its inner rim. Line the rim with a few coats of a black waterproof pencil (if you don't have waterproof, its fine!). This will help the color of your cat eye to pop! Then, if you want a darker eye, line the inner rim of your lower lash line as well.

3. Now, just wet the end of the angled brush lightly. This will help the eye shadow to turn softer and last a lot longer. Make sure to leave your eyes closed for the shadow to dry!

4. Drag the brush along the top line of your eye lashes – just like you were putting on normal eye liner. Let dry before putting on a second coat!

5. This is the tricky step. You need to identify where you want the cat eye to peak on the outside of your eyes. With the angled brush, use a little bit of the eye shadow to mark a line of where you would like the peak. Tip: grab a small piece of paper or anything with a straight edge. To help you see what the final product will look like, lay this at the angle you prefer.This will also help you achieve a perfectly straight line!

6. Now, once you have figured the last step out, place the brush on the line, and drag it to the outer corner of your eye. Go over this line to achieve as dark of a look as you want.

Pretty easy right? This usually takes a couple times to perfect the look, so practice this before the big night out you're planning to rock it on! 

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