Hairbrush Types: Find the Right One for Your Hair

From masques to conditioners to shine-enhancing treatments, there are countless products out there to help you style your ‘do. But there’s one important tool you should never forget: the right hairbrush. Whether you’re striving for wind-swept waves or prefer a sleek, straight style, having the right brush at hand can be just as important as your trusty hair spray or mousse.

Read on to find out the right hairbrush type for you:


The Round Brush

Round brushes add volume and curl to hair. The tighter the curl, or the shorter your hair, the smaller the barrel of your brush should be. To set bangs or flip ends, choose a round brush with an aerated barrel. Aerated barrel brushes tend to have shorter bristles than traditional round brushes, so if you want a brush to hold sections of hair for more defined waves and curls, go for a traditional round brush.

Tip: For added styling control and to speed up drying time when blow drying your hair, pick a metal-barreled brush. To cut down on drying time, frizz, and static, choose a ceramic-barreled brush.


The Paddle Brush

Paddle brushes are typically square or rectangular in shape. Use it to straighten curly hair or for daily brushing of long hair — these wide brushes cover a lot of hair at once, and they’re ideal for perfecting a sleek, silky look.

Tip: For thick, wavy, or curly hair, choose a brush with synthetic or nylon bristles, which are sturdier and run more smoothly through thick, textured hair. For fine or damaged locks, go with a boar-bristled brush. Natural boar bristle holds moisture and helps distribute natural oils throughout your hair, leading to shiny, healthy tresses.


The Vent Brush

Vent brushes have bristles that are spaced far apart. They make the ideal choice for detangling wet hair, speeding up the drying process and creating sexy, voluminous styles.

Tip: Look for a vent brush with a curved back to increase and better direct air flow from the blow dryer, resulting in faster dry times and even more volume.


The Styling Brush

To get that polished, finished look to your hair, pick a styling brush. Styling brushes have shorter, close-set bristles set in five to eight rows to increase the control you have over your hair.

Tip: When choosing a synthetic-bristle styling brush, run the bristles over your inner arm. If the brush is too scratchy and catches on your skin, it’s too harsh for you hair.

Tell us what you think! Which hairbrush type is your favourite? Do you use more than one type of hairbrush? Leave us your comments.

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