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Have you noticed all of the killer lip trends out there this year? From crimson reds to violets and even browns, there are tons of glam lip looks taking center stage. With all this focus on your pouter, make sure you’ve got the right tools and treat your lips to some of their favourite accessories.   

Lip Primer

Just like face primer, Lip Primer is designed to be worn underneath your makeup. It is usually clear or a matte nude and works to smooth the appearance of your lips as well as increase the longevity of your lipstick, liner or gloss. Simply apply before you add your lipstick or lip gloss. You’ll notice your colour last longer and handle more wear and tear than it normally would. To protect your lips from the sun and those fierce winter elements try a lip primer that also contains SPF, like Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion. With its SPF 15, this primer lays a silky foundation that glides on easily. It allows your lipstick or gloss to go on smoother and last longer without drying out your lips.

Lip Exfoliator

Are you a girl that loves to exfoliate? A lip exfoliator has all of the benefits of a regular skin exfoliator but is designed especially for your lips. It gets rid of dry or flaky skin, leaving behind a smooth, moist mouth. My personal favourite is Smashbox Emulsion Lip Exfoliant. This exfoliant is sugar-based, peppermint flavoured and actually edible! That is, if you’d rather use your lip exfoliant as a snack. Some star ingredients include the likes of poppy seeds, shea butter, jojoba, and antioxidants; all working to condition and revitalize your lips. 

Lip Plumpers

We all know that lip plumpers are meant to give your lips a bootylicious boost. Plump and kissable “ isn’t that what every girl wants? The difficult part is finding one that delivers on its plumping promise. To be honest, I’m a skeptic when it comes to these plumpers. But if you’re looking for a nice gloss that adds a fuller finish Dior Lip Maximizer is great. Like many lip plumpers, Dior Lip Maximizer delivers a tingly feeling which is supposed to stimulate your lips “ and therefore add some pouty volume. This gloss is jam packed with moisture and isn’t sticky like a lot of other lip glosses.   

Lip Liner

Lip Liner may be an oldie but it’s definitely a goodie. Lip liner allows you to add a little more shape and definition to your lips “ which is great when you’re using a bold lip colour! Liner is also great for smoothing your lip line after applying lipstick. If you’re looking for a quality liner without a hefty price tag, M.A.C. Cosmetics Lip Pencils are one of my favourites. They keep your lips moist and come in tons of different shades. Want to try something new with a liner? Why not colour your whole lip in with a liner and top it off with a coat of gloss?

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    • January 1, 1970
    Thank you so much for doing an honest review of this.
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    • January 1, 1970
    Thank you so much for doing an honest review of this.

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