Beauty Review: John Frieda’s Full Repair Touch-up Flyaway Tamer

Humid weather calls for some hair reinforcements, which is why we were excited to try John Frieda’s Touch-up Flyaway Tamer, $14.99. It promises to smooth pesky strands with one simple stroke.

What it is:
A portable wand that revives broken strands, tames flyaways and diminishes the appearance of split ends. Its unique formula also ensures that are hair remains luxuriously soft, without reducing hair volume in the process.

How it Works:
It’s easy to mistake this product for a tube of mascara. The Touch-up Flyaway Tamer has a near identical appearance, so it’s convenient to take on the go!

Simply twist off the cap of the product (as you would mascara) and brush the wand over dry and styled hair. Your strands will instantly appear shinier. Just make sure you dispense the product evenly throughout your tresses. There’s such thing as too much shine, so by distributing the product evenly, you’ll avoid encountering a greasy hair mishap.

The product contains Inca Inchi oil, a natural substance derived from a plant grown wild in the Peruvian Amazon. This oil aids to tame our frayed ends and polish our strands.

The Verdict:
If anyone is victim of frayed ends (read: straightening addict) or flyaway frizz, this writer suffers quite wretchedly. Not surprisingly, I wasn’t banking on this so-called miracle wand to do me much good. However, when I brushed the wand through my hair (post- styling) there was a noticeable difference. The clear jello-like substance added a pretty shine to my locks, without overpowering and making my strands appear damp and unkempt.

I love the design of the tube, because it’s easy to slip into a purse, or even pocket. The wand is essentially a mascara brush, which guards you from accidently squirting out too much of the serum. I think this was my favourite component of the Touch-up Flyaway Tamer. Every other smoothing hair product I’ve used comes in a shampoo-like bottle, making it easy to over-apply.

Is it Worth the Hype?
When it comes to hair products, I’m a bit of a scent snob. I like a fresh, natural smelling product that doesn’t make me question if it’s injected with chemicals (but who doesn’t?). This magical wand made my hair smell as if it had just been spritzed with perfume. With that being said, it is definitely a hair product I would recommend.

Not only does my overworked hair look and feel silky smooth, but it smells healthy too!



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