Beauty Bad Habits That Make You Look Older

We have all heard it before: if you don’t want your skin to shrivel up like a raisin, guard yourself from excessive sun exposure. Now that summer has come and gone, relief sinks in. But whether the sun is beaming or forever hidden behind the clouds, there are other aspects in life that can bear the same aging effects on our skin. Here are ways to reduce these problems before they take hold:

When it comes to creases in our skin, stress is not only the outcome, but also an underlying cause. Medical studies have proven that ongoing stress can expose one to wrinkles at a younger age (yikes!). But if you sleep through the buzz of your alarm and are frantic to get to work on time, don’t fret; stress is a normal part of life. Just make sure you don’t let it get the better of you.

How to deal:
Learn to cope with stress in a positive way. If you feel your anxiety rising and on the verge of bubbling over, turn down the temperature. Whether this means going on a 15-minute walk or listening to soothing music, taking your mind off the issue can help to shed some perspective. 

We are well-aware that an over-consumption of alcohol can cause extensive harm to our liver, but your appearance too? Yes, it’s true. Alcohol interferes with the body’s ability to absorb calcium, which can result in brittle bones. In other words, your physique may appear frail long before you hit your eightieth birthday. Alcohol can also lead to aging skin and weight gain. Just remember, for every unit of alcohol consumed, you need to walk a mile to fully ditch those calories.

How to deal:
The sad truth: It takes longer for women to process alcohol than it does men. So as tempting as it may be to prove you are capable of drinking just as much as the next guy (no matter how likely the case) resist the urge. Yes, we have all been subjects to those cringeworthy what happened last night evenings, but for the most part, drink in moderation. Before you know it, you will be clinking your glass to rejuvenation.

Since alcohol is known to generate aging effects, it’s no surprise that smoking falls under the same category, only worse. A combination of both could be deadly. Apart from sun exposure, smoking cigarettes is the second leading cause of skin damage. Women who smoke regularly tend to notice deeper wrinkles and discolouration in the skin in their early 30s. So not only will you be throwing away money on packs of cigarettes, but on tubes of anti-aging cream.

How to deal:
Even if smoking the occasional cigarette is intended to be a social act, do not be deceived. The nicotine concentration in tobacco acts as a stimulant, which is the reason they become highly addictive. The best solution: quit before it becomes a problem. Aging effects are only one of several damaging outcomes.

The last three aging agents may have been predicted, but one typically doesn’t expect to get wrinkles from living in a prosperous city. If you live in a larger urban area, one big downfall is the amount of pollution. Toxins produce free-radicals (highly chemically reactive molecules), which can accelerate the aging process.

How to Deal:
As much as ordinary wrinkle creams can create miracles, most are not formulated to protect against environmental pollution. Yet another reason to benefit from the pureness of nature: avoid walking through highly-polluted areas when possible. You can also purchase a Phase-2 antioxidant, which is to be applied on the skin every morning before stepping outside.

As the years pass us by and we begin to get older, the natural process of aging is inevitable. Just make sure that when the time arrives, your wrinkles are a product of your stage in life and not poor life choices.

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