Beauty Trend: The Faux Bob

Ever thought of trading in your long locks for a chic, shorter cut? Every woman knows that taking this risk could end in tears and regret. If you want to play it safe, here’s how to get the short look without a pair of scissors ever coming near your hair.

A Red Carpet-Worthy Style: 
The best part about the faux bob is that you can sport it for one night, and one night only. And that’s exactly why some leading ladies have tried this style for their red carpet appearances. Her long layers tucked away, Cameron Diaz very much looked like she had chopped off her golden locks at the MTV Movie Awards. The faux bob is also a favourite look of socialite/reality star Olivia Palermo. Paired with classic, feminine outfits and soft makeup, the faux bob is a sure way to stand out among any updo.

Prep Your Hair:
The trick to faking a cropped cut is to create tons of body in your untucked locks. That’s why this style will hold better on day old hair (skip the shower and use a dry shampoo if you’re concerned about too much oil). Heat up a wide barrel curling iron and start curling large pieces – two inch chunks are best – from your top layers. Here’s a helpful tip: pin back each new curl after using the iron to maintain its bouncy shape (you’ll also be able to see if you’ve missed any pieces). If you’re trying to create a looser, more beachy style, finger through the curls and lightly spray them with hairspray for soft waves.

Getting the Look (and Making it Stay Put):
Start creating your faux bob by pinning your longest layers at the nape of your neck. By curling large pieces under themselves and securing at the ends of your hair, you’ll build a billowed look at the back of your head. Drape your loose layers forward to frame your face as a feminine contrast. Depending on what length your shortest, top layers are, you’ll be left with either a classic bob look or a grown-out bob a la Ashley Olsen. Whatever style you have, it’s important to hairspray lightly over your entire head. But don’t be too concerned if some pieces fall out of place – that’s the simplicity, and beauty, of your faux bob.

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