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The beauty world is going down the rabbit hole this spring in anticipation of Tim Burton’s re-imagining of the Lewis Carroll novel Alice in Wonderland. OPI has a new collection of nail colours for the occasion (our favourites: Absolutely Alice, a glittery royal blue and of course, Off With Her Red, a bright cartoonish hue), while Urban Decay created a set of colours based on the movie, encased in swoon-worthy Book of Shadows illustrated packaging.

Try one of these Tea Party-worthy looks, inspired by the film’s female leads: 


Get the look: Played by Mia Wasikowska, Alice has a fresh and natural look”so stick to muted colours and ease off the eyebrow plucking for a while. Use a taupe eye shadow and ditch the mascara (or switch to dark brown if you must). Swirl on some peachy blush to give yourself a youthful glow and dab on a fawn-hued lipstick, minus any too-modern gloss. Let your hair down with loose waves and swap your highlights for low lights to complete the classic look.

Key accessory: Something blue. Or, if you’re more of a fan of the Disney incarnation of Alice, a simple black hair band.  

The White Queen

Alice in Wonderland - The White Queen

Get the look: If you needed another reason to slather on SPF, Anne Hathaway’s ethereal take on the White Queen is it. And getting a bit matchy-matchy with dark burgundy lips and nails is surprisingly doable”as long as you keep the rest of your face bare and finish off with a matte powder. However, we don’t encourage anyone to attempt bleached locks. Sure, it looks cool, but you won’t think so when your hair starts to break off.

Key accessory: Pearls.  

The Red Queen

Alice in Wonderland - The Red Queen

Get the look: Although Helena Bonham Carter looks more than a little crazy as the bloodthirsty monarch, you can still take inspiration from her graphic makeup. Solid turquoise cream eye shadow pops with contrasting bright red lips. For a more wearable version of this look, don’t wear the shadow any higher than your eyelid crease. If you’ve really got a flair for the dramatic, finish off with false lashes, and don’t forget to add a few individual falsies to your bottom lashes too. Pile hair into a voluminous updo to channel your inner queen (crown not included).

Key accessory: Red heart jewellery and/or a murderous gaze.  


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