4 Best Tattoo Concealers

While society’s (finally) accepted the popularity of tattoos, there’s a time and a place where it’s easier to cover them up so you can spare the backstory or the parental lecture. (And believe it or not, sometimes family reunions or funerals aren’t the place to boast your most recent controversial art piece.) So with those moments in mind, we’ve rounded up the best tattoo cover-up products so you can avoid wearing long sleeves/pants/scarves in 30-degree weather forever.

What: Kat Von D for Sephora
Why it’s good:
Relationship with Jesse James aside, Kat Von D is the go-to for body art and all products associated. Offering eight different shades to match to your skin tone, her oil and paraben-free long-wear formula is easy to blend in provided you follow her four-step regimen which guarantees the perfect tattoo cover-up. The best part? You can use it for blemishes and under-eye circles, too.

What: Cover FX
$25 – $39
This Canadian company’s line of foundations and concealers are heavy-duty. They cover all sorts of skin issues (from rosacea to hyperpigmentation to, of course, tattoos). Their all-over-appropriate Total Coverage Cream Foundation boasts an SPF of 30. Meaning? Your tattoo won’t only be covered (and covered well), it will be protected against sun damage and other environmental factors (including wind and pollution) and subsequent fading. The company’s clinical approach to makeup (their products are dermatologist tested) makes them ideal for delicate skin thanks to their paraben and oil-free qualities – as well as their placement in the “zero irritancy” zone, meaning that even the most sensitive skin will likely remain reaction-free.

What: Mac Select Cover-Up
around $20
True, this product isn’t advertised as an industrial strength tattoo concealer, but since Mac Cover-Up tends to be the go-to for television makeup (read: the heaviest kind), it’s safe to assume that its concealing qualities can work in regards to kyboshing tattoos. Just make sure to prep correctly: wash the area thoroughly, choose a shade that matches your skin tone, and blend as evenly as you can.

What: Make Up For Ever: Full Cover Concealer
An all-encompassing concealer made for everything from scars to burns to (of course) tattoos, this Sephora-Exclusive Full Cover Concealer works to shield anything you’d like to hide from the prying eyes of the outside world. Offering ultra-long lasting, waterproof, oil-free protection in 12 available shades, Kat Von D may have just gotten a run for her money. Just be sure to b-l-e-n-d.

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