2011 Beauty Icons

In every generation, there are women who radiate classic beauty. Elegant powerhouses who make the art of flawless hair and makeup look effortless; their natural beauty became their trademark. The iconic beauties of the 20th century ran the gamut from ladies of the silver screen to regal radiance. Now the buck’s been passed to their next generation counterparts. Here, we round up the classic beauties of our time.

Blake Lively: The New Marilyn Monroe

Lively recently swapped her enviable blonde locks for red, but she still bears a resemblance to the legendary sex symbol. Like Monroe, Lively’s become a fashion icon and has undeniable sex appeal. The two even share signature beauty marks on their faces.

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Kate Middleton: The New Grace Kelly

Not only did Middleton and Kelly both marry into prominent royal families, they both came from commoner families. Middleton famously modeled a sexy black slip dress at St. Andrew’s University in 2002 (rumoured to be the night she hooked Wills) and Kelly also did some modeling with her mother and sisters.

B - Kate Middleton 300x400B - Grace Kelly 300x400

Natalie Portman: The New Audrey Hepburn

The resemblance between Portman and Hepburn is undeniable. Portman has already exploded as one of the leading actresses of this generation, like Hepburn with hers. The actresses’ delicate features and figures are similar as well, both with striking eyes and strong brows.

B -Natalie Portman 300x400B - Audrey Hepburn 300x400

Angelina Jolie: The New Brigitte Bardot

Another staple sex symbol, Jolie isn’t quite as curvy as Bardot was, but the two share the same legendary lips and signature smoky eye makeup. Bardot was involved with animal rights, while Jolie is well known for her philanthropic work and her contributions as a UN Ambassador.

B - Angelina Jolie 300x400B - Brigitte Bardot 300x400

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