Ski Bunny Beauty

We’ve all got an idea of what the perfect snow bunny should look like: cute hair, rosy cheeks, and a glowing complexion. Of course, the reality often looks more like hat head and chapped lips. But looking sweet in the snow really is possible “ just follow our lead for a fun mountain look, whether you’re a master of the moguls or more of an apré¨s-ski girl.

Hair: Heidi-worthy pigtail braids.
This is one time when a grown woman can get away with an adorable plaited ‘do and look completely natural. So grab a rat-tail comb, plenty of grippy elastics, and practice up with your friends during the car-trip. Try to master the french braid technique to keep your style intact all day.

If your hair’s on the shorter side, leave it loose but keep the front pieces out of your face by french-braiding them into a makeshift hairband. Fight the frizzies by rubbing just a bit of serum into the ends of your strands.

Skin: Think protection.
This is no time for your usual run-of-the-mill light moisturizer. You’ll need something thick enough to provide an actual barrier between your skin and the elements (both wind and cold). For windburn-prone areas like the tops of your cheeks, you may even want something as heavy-duty as Vaseline or Nivea cream, or a naturally thick product like shea butter.

You’ll also need to reapply SPF throughout the day, even if it doesn’t look sunny outside (remember that UV rays bounce off snow, which has led to more than a few unfortunate-looking ski goggle tans). Clinique makes a great SPF protection stick which is simple enough to apply while you’re waiting in line for the chairlift.

Makeup: No-fuss pretty.
You can go back to basics without looking completely plain-Jane “ just focus more on bright pops of colour than overly-done eye makeup and you’ll hit the right note. Keep your skin smooth with a liquid SPF foundation (anything heavier than liquid could end up looking flakey or chalky in the cold). This is one time when waterproof mascara and eyeliner really earn their keep “ just skip the eyeshadow (or stick to a light sweep of taupe) to ensure that your look stays clean. Use a cream blush for naturally flushed looking cheeks, and toss a tinted lipbalm (with SPF, natch) into your snowsuit pocket for constant protection and a hint of colour.

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